Fastpay Treasure trove
Network Prime
Network Prime
Minimum bet1 EUR
Last Win: 244,742.34 EUR - 07.02.2024
Minimum bet3 EUR
Hit range500 - 700 EUR
Minimum bet0.5 EUR
Hit range50 - 70 EUR

We are excited to introduce a new feature that gives an additional chance of winning extra prizes in your favorite slots (choose the ones with the tag ‘Fastpay Jackpot’).

What's important, in order to participate in the Fastpay Treasure trove promo, you just have to make bets of at least 0,5 EUR on real money and wait for the jackpot on Silver level to fall into your account. If you would like to aim for bigger prizes, place bets no less than 3 EUR (or equivalents in other currencies), which gives you an opportunity to hit jackpots from Gold progressive level, or 1 EUR to participate in Network Jackpot Campaign with Prime Network jackpot level.

No extra money is charged for the participation. Once you make a qualifying bet, you participate automatically. The prizes are awarded in real time as real money, no wagering requirement. Each next bet can be winning!

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Jackpot Features
Real money prizesReal money prizes
Real money prizes
Progressive prizesProgressive prizes
Progressive prizes
Prizes in your favorite gamesPrizes in your favorite games
Prizes in your favorite games
Real-time awardingReal-time awarding
Real-time awarding
The prizes are triggered randomlyThe prizes are triggered randomly
The prizes are triggered randomly
All of Your Favorite Fastpay Casino Games
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Dragon King game tileDragon King game tile
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Power Dragon game tilePower Dragon game tile
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Lucky Drink game tileLucky Drink game tile
Piggy Bank game tilePiggy Bank game tile
Jewels game tileJewels game tile
Gold Of Ra game tileGold Of Ra game tile
All time Prize pool
BenjaminSilverA$101.2314:43:12 16.07.2024
Dionne ThanhSilverNZ$98.6617:31:30 12.07.2024
KateSilverA$81.7108:12:25 07.07.2024
CatherineSilverA$100.6724:26:56 05.07.2024
JaimieGoldLTC11.8719:07:51 04.07.2024
DanielSilverA$89.6324:07:05 02.07.2024
NicolaSilverA$97.303:33:31 29.06.2024
ChristopherGoldA$1098.3920:02:26 27.06.2024
DanielSilverA$93.6508:42:07 27.06.2024
JackSilverA$85.6905:56:09 25.06.2024
AmandaSilverC$88.0412:12:48 23.06.2024
JasmyneSilverA$96.4924:33:20 22.06.2024
CarlieSilverA$80.713:07:46 20.06.2024
kodieGoldA$1034.5811:12:17 20.06.2024
CarlieSilverA$108.6405:33:32 19.06.2024
FatihSilver€64.4519:24:34 14.06.2024
KimGoldA$890.8912:57:24 13.06.2024
QiangSilverA$113.0804:31:00 11.06.2024
MaximeGoldC$1034.7404:13:40 07.06.2024
JoelSilverA$97.8703:29:16 06.06.2024
DarrylSilverA$87.8812:46:40 02.06.2024
TyroneSilverA$112.6417:39:06 30.05.2024
VickiGoldA$1027.2115:09:24 29.05.2024
AshleeSilverA$89.2910:22:44 26.05.2024
ChristopherSilverA$113.6421:56:14 23.05.2024
JakeGoldA$1058.2814:09:15 22.05.2024
HamirSilverC$75.2209:53:50 19.05.2024
CarolaSilver€50.1405:56:16 17.05.2024
SomsakSilverA$111.2410:23:45 15.05.2024
MoustafaSilverA$83.510:49:23 10.05.2024
DianeSilverA$84.6124:49:20 08.05.2024
CarolaSilver€53.509:52:25 04.05.2024
AmandaGoldC$845.0424:16:50 04.05.2024
RaphaelSilverC$78.4915:35:14 01.05.2024
SebastienSilverC$76.8922:48:54 28.04.2024
DanickGoldC$849.112:10:46 27.04.2024
FabianSilver€65.7814:09:23 26.04.2024
Ole DanielSilverkr777.5717:20:57 22.04.2024
PrestonGoldA$1122.0305:56:28 21.04.2024
ZacherySilverNZ$100.7502:43:30 18.04.2024
Menna ToméSilver€61.7808:29:34 14.04.2024
CarlieGoldA$1039.1811:16:20 12.04.2024
MarySilverA$97.2111:42:13 11.04.2024
Eric Yu chinSilverA$95.1311:09:29 08.04.2024
ScottGoldA$884.708:40:54 05.04.2024
JoelSilverA$112.6207:17:34 01.04.2024
NicolaGoldA$1047.110:52:21 30.03.2024
VickiSilverA$87.0402:20:01 28.03.2024
Stacey LeeSilverA$101.0603:37:37 26.03.2024
KarenGoldA$1045.2510:01:02 23.03.2024
JosephSilverA$83.9907:31:37 22.03.2024
Danielle-annSilverA$107.8110:09:03 20.03.2024
JustinGoldC$922.3512:29:37 16.03.2024
AndrewSilverA$99.4610:56:05 13.03.2024
KarenGoldA$829.2702:20:34 10.03.2024
AnthonySilverA$99.7412:36:44 09.03.2024
KarenSilverA$98.5708:19:39 06.03.2024
CarlieGoldA$1007.2810:42:17 05.03.2024
ChristineSilverA$88.1712:05:38 02.03.2024
LukeSilvermLTC774.3112:22:07 01.03.2024
BobbiSilverC$85.3323:19:29 28.02.2024
LiamSilverA$111.6211:03:26 28.02.2024
JackSilverA$86.1507:47:28 26.02.2024
EsraSilverA$87.6612:29:24 24.02.2024
SoyoungSilverA$94.7914:43:58 23.02.2024
PeterSilver€50.1109:56:39 22.02.2024
TammySilverC$88.8408:43:11 20.02.2024
KaceeSilverA$109.5611:54:48 16.02.2024
FrankGoldA$1023.6604:16:30 13.02.2024
CarlieSilverA$103.1207:37:45 12.02.2024
JannaSilverA$108.9922:02:14 07.02.2024
SamanthaGoldA$1117.9410:29:14 05.02.2024
AaronSilverA$115.0608:08:40 31.01.2024
CarolaGold€506.7209:09:08 27.01.2024
PaulSilverA$94.1714:14:30 26.01.2024
MARIASilverA$97.2410:30:15 25.01.2024
simonGoldA$1053.1119:55:07 24.01.2024
DonnaSilverA$111.8219:54:24 22.01.2024
Dionne ThanhSilverNZ$111.7601:54:13 19.01.2024
LiamGoldA$901.4906:37:11 18.01.2024
SailosiSilverA$97.8215:14:55 15.01.2024
MitchellGoldA$1072.6611:29:47 12.01.2024
SamanthaSilverA$85.2822:08:00 11.01.2024
LeonardoSilverA$113.4606:16:04 09.01.2024
AnthonySilverA$99.4313:20:42 04.01.2024
AmandaGoldA$1024.7505:05:10 04.01.2024
EsraSilverA$94.4504:05:02 01.01.2024
MarySilverA$93.7622:08:55 28.12.2023
BjarkeGold€691.3608:48:12 28.12.2023
PeterSilver€53.0617:03:13 26.12.2023
JustinSilverA$101.1814:17:49 23.12.2023
WilliamSilverA$104.6701:49:18 21.12.2023
KadeGoldA$1036.0907:28:52 14.12.2023
RadwanSilverA$86.3919:36:24 13.12.2023
TravisSilverA$84.0915:14:30 10.12.2023
TysonSilverA$88.2404:29:45 08.12.2023
CRYSTALGoldNZ$1171.3705:17:24 06.12.2023
RebeccaSilverA$88.6916:07:12 05.12.2023
KYLIESilverA$113.212:52:08 02.12.2023
ZacharySilverA$98.207:48:09 28.11.2023
How to catch a prize
Choose a game
Look for the Fastpay jackpot game tag
Make bets on real money
Starting with 0,5 EUR
Catch a prize
Each next bet can be winning!

Jackpot Terms & Conditions

  1. Fastpay casino launches an event (“activity”) titled Fastpay Treasure trove (hereinafter - Promo) on 18 of September 2023, which includes 3 jackpot levels - Prime Network, Gold, Silver.
  2. Initial values of jackpot levels: Prime Network - 300 000 EUR, Gold - 300 EUR, Silver - 30 EUR.
    1. The increase in the current amount of the jackpot level depends on the size of the participants' bets, while no additional costs will be charged to the player to participate in the Promo.
  3. The player automatically takes part in the Promo if they meet all the requirements (3.1. - 3.4.):
    1. Only the registered Fastpay players are allowed to participate in the Promo.
    2. The Promo is only available to the players who have reached the age of 18 (or more).
    3. The Promo is not available to the players from the countries where bonuses are not allowed.
    4. The Promo is not available to the players who have been excluded by the Fastpay administration.
  1. Qualifying bets are those that meet all the requirements (4.1. — 4.5.):
    1. Bets must be made with real money in slots.
    2. Bets must be made in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, NOK, JPY, ZAR, BRL, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDT, BNB, ADA, TRX, USDC.
    3. Bets must start from 0,50 EUR inclusively (or equivalents in other currencies).
    4. Bets must be up to a maximum of 75 AUD inclusively (or equivalents in other currencies)
    5. Bets must be made in the qualifying games.
  2. List of the qualifying games: Jackpot Games.
    1. The list of the qualifying games for the Promo may vary depending on the availability of the game in the geographic location where the player is playing.
    2. Casino reserves the right to add and/or remove qualifying games from the list.
  3. Winner is selected from the qualifying bets randomly.
  4. A prize is awarded to the winner in the form of a bonus automatically as the winner is determined.
    1. Winner must activate the bonus in the player’s account within 3 days after getting it.
  5. Once activated, the bonuses have no wagering requirement.
  6. After activation of a bonus, the amount of the winnings is credited to the player's balance in real money.
  7. The winnings are eligible for immediate withdrawal.
    1. The current Casino limits for withdrawal are applicable to the Fastpay Treasure trove winnings.
    2. The Fastpay Treasure trove winnings are not subject to a one-time full withdrawal. The Fastpay Treasure trove winnings have a daily withdrawal limit of 7500 AUD (or equivalents in other currencies) and a monthly withdrawal limit of 75 000 AUD (or equivalents in other currencies).
  8. The winner receives mandatory notifications from the Casino (Casino notifications) about each winning of a prize.
  9. The current jackpot levels are displayed at the top of the screen in real-time during the entire Promo period for the players participating in the Promo.
    1. The display of the current winning amounts may have a delay of up to 15 seconds.
    2. The running amounts displayed may differ from the actual winnings due to rounding.
  10. The payment of the Promo winnings is carried out by Fastpay Casino.
    1. The prize pool is entirely formed and paid out from the Fastpay Casino funds.
    2. The winnings do not affect the RTP of the qualifying games.
  11. Fastpay Casino reserves the right to confiscate player’s account funds and / or freeze accounts in accordance with the Casino General Terms and Conditions.
  12. Any winnings may be verified by Fastpay Casino and / or the Promo software provider. All decisions are final with no correspondence conducted.
  13. By participating in the Promo at Fastpay Casino, all participants are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions. All Fastpay Casino Terms & Conditions apply in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions and the Bonus Terms & Conditions.
  14. Fastpay Casino assumes no responsibility for any system, hardware or connection problems that may affect any end user.
  15. In case of communication failure with Fastpay Casino, the Promo may become unavailable.
  16. The player accepts this agreement and all of its clauses.
  17. Fastpay Casino reserves the right to modify the rules of the Promo and its parameters.
  18. Fastpay Casino reserves the right to cancel the Promo at any time.
16.07.202415:01 UTC
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